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Your own individual, unique, primal sound. When you discover the tools to access your voice-the inner and outer, you can truly discover freedom. 

Meet Amanda


So, here's the deal, I know what its like to struggle with a vocal injury, or to hit a few road bumps along the way throughout your career as a professional voice user and/or singer. 


Its scary.

Its overwhelming.

You feel lost. You are unsure what your next steps are. 

It wasn't until I experienced my own vocal injury did I understand what it meant to feel scared of losing something that was a part of my identity. A part of my being.  

It turns out that my injury was one of the best things to happen to me because it pointed me in the direction of pursuing Vocology, and wanting to be an advocate for the voice and overall health. The mind body connection is a powerful tool in changing our singing and mindset towards our voice. My time of silence and recovery helped me to discover my passion for wanting to help other professional voice users with their vocal health and alignment with their own truth in pursuit of their journeys. 


If you want to read more about my personal journey with my vocal injury diagnosis and recovery   



So..... what is vocology? 


Is the science and practice of vocal habilitation. It concerns elements of speech and language, the voice tract and voice training (voice therapy), voice pedagogy (the teaching of voice) for singers, actors, and professional voice users. 

Let's work 


I am here to help you discover the tools for developing and sustaining a solid foundation for your voice in order to preserve it for longevity -  with ease and confidence. 


 Amanda is the best. She will point you to the stars and help you reach for them. Call her!"

Elizabeth, voice student 

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