Welcome To My Studio! 

Perhaps you found me through a web search online, or from my instagram account, maybe stumbled upon one of my blog entries, or were a referral from a current or past student! No matter the way that you found yourself here on my website and virtual studio.......

I am so happy that you are here! 

My studio is a creative, safe, and inspiriting space for you to discover your voice and love of music OR continue on your vocal journey - and I am honored to help you in whatever your individual goals and needs are! My studio is comprised of students of all backgrounds and experience levels, and I take great pride in teaching my mind-body-spirit approach to the human voice. 


I was born and raised in Syracuse, New York 

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Music: Voice Performance from The Crane School of Music 

I moved out to California right after graduation, at age 23 with no family or friends on the west coast because why not? I was young and adventurous! 

I have been living in California for almost a decade now! 

During that time I received my Master's of Music in Voice Performance from the Fullerton School of Music 

Currently, I reside in Orange County, California in a cozy beach town. 

I guess you could say I am a full on Californian now.


I say "freeway" instead of "highway, I order off of the secret

In-N-Out menu, I refer to "June Gloom" as a season, and I never use the word "Cali" when talking about California because I've learned that the term is quite shudder inducing, and a sure fire way to stand out to fellow Californian natives.

However, you can take the woman out of the Northeast, but you cant take the Northeast out of the woman.


I LOVE fall its my favorite time of the year, and even though I have lived in SoCal for 10 years every October I still get incredibly homesick. I love escaping to the mountains, I am obsessed with plants and gardening, I am an avid knitter and macrame artist, ballet was my first love in the performing arts, and I am a fur momma to two incredibly cute little chihuahua's : Molly and Jimi. Who have grown to tolerate my singing, and even try to join in sometimes! 

My Story 

I have been studying classical music since I have been 13 years old. I went on to pursue my undergraduate and graduate degrees in Music: Voice Performance, and had high hopes of being an operatic singer gracing stages all over the world with my voice. However, life had other plans. While in graduate school I discovered that I loved to teach private voice lessons, and that I truly enjoyed working with people's voices in more of a therapeutic 1:1 setting. About halfway through my masters degree I became increasingly interested in voice health and science, and wanted to know how to work with all professional voice users to keep their voices in optimal shape. Performing was still my main focus until I was diagnosed with a vocal hemorrhage just after I graduated, which in turn changed the trajectory for my entire career. At first what I thought was a 4 week set back turned into a life changing experience.


What if the helping others was my true calling? 


It was during this time of healing that I discovered I wanted to help other professional voice users,  just like me , learn about their voices, and what actually is happening inside of our bodies. I wanted to teach others how to keep their voice in a healthy state, what to do if you develop an injury, and how to rebuild your voice post injury. It was during this time of healing and silence that my inner voice had her chance to shineMy personal injury ended up being a loving message from the universe that I was no longer able to ignore. I became wildly fascinated in vocal health books, vocology (vocal habilitation), and vocal anatomy.


I started to realize that all professional voice users, not just singers, could benefit from truly understanding their voice, and could use this healing and balancing work. In order to achieve a fully supported and balanced voice, one needs to address the full body (the inner and the outer) to freely have your voice flow so you can step into your true alignment. So, I set out to develop my own practice and vocal philosophy for everyone, because we all have a voice that we relay heavily on throughout the day!


I wanted to create a life that I felt was my authentic truth.


Now, I am able to work and help people in the best way I know how. My work includes elements from my professional training, and my own self improvement work. It encompasses elements of vocal pedagogy, voice therapy, yoga, meditation and breathing exercises, chakra balancing, and essential oil therapy. 

It was through my own journey of vocal health and self-work that I discovered my truth. I let go of what I thought my career path was supposed to be, and started listening to my inner voice. I let go of what didn't serve me any longer, and started to develop a practice that I knew would not only help myself, but so many other people.  I look at performing and singing as an enhancement to my therapy and voice work. And I feel incredibly grateful and fulfilled on a daily basis living a life that I love.