Let's Make Some Music! 


Music is the universal language that connects us all. 



Ever since the first documentation of human civilizations music 

has been a signature staple in all cultures. Regardless if it's singing, chanting, drumming, or playing various instruments - music has connected human beings.


People often ask me if they are too old to learn music, if you have to be born with a gift to sing, or if you need to have a certain ear or ability to create and feel rhythm. My answer is always NO! Every human being has vocal cords that are capable of producing sounds that constitute singing vibrations AND every human has the knowledge to learn a foreign language - because that's what learning music is! Are there some people who were born with more of a natural capability to sing or play music, yes! But, it doesn't mean that everyone can't learn, or express themselves through music. 


I believe that music is one of the most beneficial healing and therapeutic gifts bestowed unto humans. We have the power to heal ourselves, to free ourselves, and to express ourselves through music. Music is magic. 

Singing for Personal Happiness and Well Being 

You might be saying to yourself.....what?!?! I thought that voice lessons and music instruction were only for the professionals (insert high-hat voice impersonation here). Heck No! In fact, the longer I teach the more joy I find in working with students of all ages and experience levels because I get to see how music plays a role in so many different ways in people's lives.

I have seen Music Lessons be a source of: 


A Hobby 


Challenge (In a good way!) 




........Just to name a few! Whatever your personal reasoning is for wanting to learn about music and being curious as to what it is all about- the only thing that matters is that you are able to connect to a feeling of happiness! We, as humans, tend to think in binary terms of "good" or "bad" and this often translates into my lessons. Let your judgments go at the door because I encourage everyone to remove these words from their vocabulary and focus on creating free and true sounds with your own beautiful instrument and body. The other stuff will come once you are committed to the process and focused on your individual goals. And in the meantime you are having fun and nourishing your soul at the same time! Which to me is the ultimate goal!