A remedy for how to combat chronic seasonal allergies and dry weather for professional singers!

Hi to all my fellow singers!

OK lets be real, chronic seasonal allergies and dry weather are absolutely awful when you are someone who uses their voice for their career and profession. Being someone who suffers from both chronic seasonal allergies and dry weather, this is something that is pretty much an issue for me year-round. I currently live in California and here in California (for all you non-california dwellers) we have these lovely wind storms called Santa Ana winds-which are horrific. They blow hot and dry wind all through out the southland, which kick up all kinds of dust and pollution particles, and suck all of the humidty out of the air. Pretty awful right? I concur. With that being said, what the heck is my point to all of this? Well, there is a wonderful natural and healthy rememdy to help combate these less than ideal situations. As singers we are aware that most of us can not take over the counter allergy and sinus medicines because of the drying decongestants and antihistamines in these said medicines. If you are not aware, they are horribly drying for the vocal cords. They basically strip all moisture off of the cords and out of the nasal and pharynx cavities. In order for the vocal cords to fucntion healthily they need to be lined with a natural amount of muscosal lining. This allows the cords to be lubricated so that they are able to vibrate and phonate sounds without becoming stripped and harshly brushing up against eachother. Plus the nasal cavity needs to be hydrated because it warms the air before it hits the throat and the cords. So, almost all of these medicines are out! Except Mucinex (the expectorant) which has guaifenesin that thins the mucous to help the post nasal drippage to not build up on the cords. So what's a singer to do for a daily routine? Well I have the answer for you! My voice teacher told me about a nasal wash called Alkalol and it is the BEST mucous solvent on the market. It can be used with a nettipot if you netty, or it comes with a nasal wash cup that utilizes gravity to help keep the nasal cavity clear from irratating particles that cause the nose to become stuffy or inflamed. This stuff is seriously the best allergy remedy that I have tried, and I have tried every medicine both synthetic and natural on the market. I use it once in the morning for overall daily maintenance. However, when the weather is super dry, it drastically changes, or when I start to feel myself coming down with sick-like syptoms I use it twice a day. Once in the morning and once at night. You can do it as many times as you need through out the day because it is natural and it can not hurt you. However, REALLY IMPORTANT!!!! use distilled water when nasal washing for clean and non-contaminated water. It can lead to nasty bacteria infections when not used with distilled water. Alkalol can be purchesed at any CVS drugstore. However I purchase mine through vwww.vitacost.com. Retail at the drugstore it is only about $11. However, through vitacost it is $5 a bottle. Plus you can order in bulk and have an automatic renewal and shipment of the product if you regularly use Alkalol, like myself.

If you would like to read more about the company and their history their website is www.alkalolcompany.com.

I hope that you found this information helpful! If you use it and love it let me know! Also if any of you singers have other natural remedies out there that are awesome please feel free to leave in my comments below!

In health and wellness,

<3 Amanda

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